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Sterling boat casino online casino sports betting

It is not an upscale cruise. Vessel served by water taxies throughout the day. We were on the Sterling II and it was so much fun!!

So good luck with the new ship. Treasure Island Casino Cruz Suspended indefinately. Please help us keep Gaming floor's website listings up-to-date. It was very enjoyable, the buffet was what it said it would be. So take your dramamine with you.

These boats seem to leave at the end of tourist season and . Sterling Casino was an old boat too, but the difference is that it was free; in Sun. Anyone have any clue as to the current whereabouts of the m/v Ambassador 2, the ship run by the now defunct Sterling Casino Lines. She was. Victory Casino Cruises sails 7 days a week, twice daily. Read on or call GO-VICTORY ()to view exact departure times as well as pricing.